Our Story & Commitment to Honest Service

Mold can be a frightening issue to face, as it poses risks to your health and your home. Unfortunately, many restoration companies exploit this fear for their own gain. At Mold Mentor, we believe in providing honest, affordable, and effective mold consulting, remediation, inspection, and testing services. Our goal is to give you unbiased advice, even if it means telling you that our services are not necessary.

Mold Mentor
Mold Mentor

Our Journey to Becoming Mold Mentor

After working as a home inspector and managing a mold remediation franchise, our founder saw the need for a more honest approach to solving mold problems. This led to the creation of Mold Mentor, a company dedicated to providing professional and unbiased advice, water restoration, and indoor air quality testing services.

Mold Mentor

Putting Your Best Interests First

As a proud and responsible member of MICRO, we adhere to their strict code of ethics. Our dedication to honest service earned us the many 5 Star Google reviews we have today. We are committed to working in your best interest, never profiting from fear, and helping families reclaim healthy homes.

With a passion for helping families, our founder, a dedicated family man and father of 6, he understands the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.